Sunday, 23 February 2014

Changing Administrator Password using Command Prompt (CMD) !

After reading this post, you’ll be able to change your(or anyone’s) Administrator account password in windows 7, without asking him the previous one. Usually, for changing the passwords, we go to User Accounts in Control Panel and then opt for changing the passwords. But windows doesn't permit us to do so, till we enter the previous password.

So, it’s clear that we can’t change the password from this method. Because, the current password is also required here, which we don’t know.
But, the same thing can become possible, if perform the same task through Windows Command Prompt (CMD). In this method, we are not prompted to enter the current/old password. But for that, we first need to be logged in as an Administrator (see step 2 below), unless you will be shown an error message stating “System 5 Error”. So, I don’t want you to get this “System 5 Error”, that’s why I was focusing on this point. This hack is very easy, you are only required to perform my all steps, in the exact manner. If you still get any problem, then you can drop your comments below this post.
 The steps are as follows :-
Step-1 :- Press start, and search CMD (windows command prompt).
Step-2 :- Now, do right click on CMD and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR(it’s the most important step of this hack, unless “System 5 Error” will be shown in the end) and then click OK. Most of the users don’t read the whole sentence and press Enter right after searching CMD in this step. Those users get an error named “System 5 Error”. So, please don’t press Enter directly on CMD.
This hack only works when you’re logged in to the Administrator(or administrator like) account. This hack need Administrator(or administrator like) privileges, unless it shows “System 5 Error”. This hack is thus NOT POSSIBLE if you are logged in with the GUEST ACCOUNT.
Step-3 :- Now type the command NET USER and  press ENTER It will give u the names of all the USER A/C’s existing in your computer.

Step-4 :- Here, in this pic, you are getting three names, which are Kamesh, Vaibhav and Guest. We are not at all interested in the Guest account for sure. So leave that. Now the two accounts are left. One is Kamesh and the other is Vaibhav. Here, the both the accounts are having admin priviledges. In most of the cases the main admin account, which is ‘Kamesh’ here, is hidden. And the other account, named ‘Vaibhav’ here, is shown, which is a ADMIN-LIKE account. So, this account also have full admin priviledges. Because only one admin account which is visible here is ‘Vaibhav’, so we will deal with this account in this process.
So, now use our next command, which is net user Vaibhav *
Here, there’s ONE SPACE between NET and USER as well as between Vaibhav and *
Step-5 :- Here u are, now directly enter the new ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD and press enter again confirm ur new password and press enter. You will not see any ************* type of characters in the CMD window when you will be typing your password. But you don’t worry. They are not visible but they got typed. Re-type the same password in Confirm Password option.
Step-6 : U are done. Just type EXIT and then press ENTER to exit. That’s all
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  1. Oh my god I can't believe it We can even hack Pentagon's security code with this thank you muna you're God Munna you're God